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Available Dates: 
  • JULY: 16 through 21
  • AUGUST: 20 through 25
  • SEPTEMBER: 17 through 22
  • OCTOBER:  15 through 20


Starts and ends in San José (Santa Ana). You will ride between 50 to 90 miles per day; from soft to hard levels.


Rocky and clay in mountains, jungles. Dry and sandy on the coast.


Beginner- Intermediate.

Main Characteristics

  • This tour requires tough Endurists!
  • Costa Rica is the perfect place for the dirt bike adventure!
  • Different concept of our adventure tours: more enduro rally and more leisure.
  • The tour happens mostly around San José and always starts from the same place, but a different itinerary each day because of the fact that this country is narrow, which allows us to see and change landscapes!
  • Accommodation is a villa or a hotel located at Santa Ana only 7 miles from San José.


KTM 350cc - 4 Strokes
KTM 350cc - 4 strokes
KTM 250cc - 2 Strokes
KTM 250 CC - 4 Stokes
Husqvarna 450cc - 4 Strokes
Husqvarna 350cc - 4 Strokes
Gas Gas 450cc - 4 Strokes
Gas Gas 125cc - 2 Strokes

Tour Schedule

DAY 1:

Arrival at San José and transfer to the Base Departure. Briefing.

DAY 2:

Distribution of motorcycles and morning departure on a Cross Country track with many obstacles based on skill levels. You will be accompanied by a guide who will give you all the necessary advice to make you feel safe for the rest of the week. We will also adjust the bike to your convenience. Enduro in the afternoon through the roads of the Central Valley.

DAY 3:

We pick up the Enduro speed.  We descend to the Pacific Coast, from high mountains into the tropical jungle with its humid climate to finally reaching pristine and deserted beaches. An extraordinary sensory experience!!!  Night on the Pacific Coast.

DAY 4:

Back to San Jose through more technical trails for the more experienced riders, and dirt roads for those that desire a softer ride.

DAY 5:

Technical enduro on tropical jungle trails, and more gentle for beginners!

DAY 6:

Enduro with the best riders of Costa Rica, following the footsteps of the last Latin American Championship or a day in Carara National Park on clay soil comparable to driving on ice!

DAY 7:

Last journey, very technical for those who are the most technical.  Traveling through the mountains of Puriscal.

DAY 8:

Tour around San José and back to the Airport.


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    Terms and Conditions

  • Terms and Method of Payment:
    • - 60 days prior to departure date,  deposit of 50% of the total price via bank transfer (non-refundable). Balance due within 15 days prior to departure date.
    • - 100% of the total trip cost paid via bank transfer, if less under 30 days prior to date of departure.
    • - The bikes are insured to third parties, plus a driver's insurance
    • - Client must have their own repatriation insurance
    • - For more information, please refer to the document "Terms and Conditions"
    Conditions of Sale:
    • It is imperative that the document - "Terms and Conditions" be signed and returned to ENDURO TOUR COSTA RICA the moment you book your participation in a tour.


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